Craft Beers On Tap

The 007 (Double IPA) 

9% ABV - 124 IBU's

"Now There's A Name To Die For" Intensely hoppy, strong, and "Dangerous!!"....Full bodied but balanced. Golden Amber in color but very drinkable...smooth and refreshing .

The Fall Equinox (Seasonal Pumpkin Ale) 

6.5% ABV - 25 IBU's 

A full-bodied Fall Seasonal that’s incredibly smooth and satisfying. An orange to copper colored beer that lends a perfect balance between malt, fruit, and spices. 80lbs of pumpkin “meat” along with a blend of cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla makes this beer. “It’s like Halloween and Thanksgiving in a glass!”

Trader's Path (Baltic-Style Porter) 

6.5% ABV - 24 IBU's

A rich, smooth, multi-layered, medium-bodied beer with complex malt notes and dark fruit flavors such as plums, prunes, and raisins. It finishes slightly sweet with molasses undertones. Trader’s Path is named after a colonial trade route that came through our area crossing the Blue Ridge in the 1700’s.

Husband and Weiss (German Weissbier)

5% ABV - 10 IBU's 

This hazy golden brew is medium to light bodied, and perfect for summer sippin'! With aromas of banana and clove - courtesy of the german yeast - and little to no hoppiness. This particular beer was brewed in honor of Jeff and Frances, so be sure to raise a pint to the "Husband and Weiss"! 

LUV U Cherry Much (Cherry Belgian Wit) 

5% ABV - 9 IBU's 

Originally crafted in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the “Virginia Is For Lovers” slogan. A Belgian Wit is the base style for this beer. We used copious amounts of Montmorency Cherries from Michigan. It’s a very refreshing beer that begins with a light cherry nose and finishes slightly sweet and tart.

Kornteen (German Kolsch)

4.5% ABV-18 IBU's

A golden yellow ale that’s crisp, clean, and incredibly refreshing…It's sure to brighten your days after the 2020 quarantining …Enjoy this smooth beer with your best socially distanced friends.

Appa-LATCH-uh (Irish Red)

4.5% ABV-22 IBU’s

A flavorful easy-drinking pint with subtle malty, caramel, toffee and roasted aromas. Light malty notes in balance with an initial soft toffee and caramel sweetness, a slightly grainy-biscuity palate, and a final touch of roasted dryness in the finish.

McDaniel’s (Wee Heavy-Scotch Ale)

7% ABV--20 IBU’s

A complex very rich, malty, and slightly sweet ale that’s reminiscent of a desert liqueur, cordial or maybe Crème Brulee. An easy drinking, deep ruby colored beer with toasty tasting notes of dark fruit and caramel with a slight roasty finish. Named after my father and our long, rich, Scottish heritage.

Copperhead (India Pale Ale )

6.5% ABV--60 IBU’s

Copperhead IPA is a light to medium bodied and balanced American pale ale that’s moderately strong, hoppy and bitter but incredibly smooth. Aromas and flavors include citrus, melon, and tropical fruit. North American 2-row malt provides this IPA’s base, which allows the hops to really shine through.