Our Craft Beers On Tap

Summer Daze--Czech Pilsner Ale

5% ABV--35 IBU’s

A complex but well balanced lager with a noticeable clean Saaz floral hop character. Golden as the summer sun, very refreshing and effervescent. A great summer lager that we’re sure you’ll love.

APE-RI-Cocoious-Belgian APE-ricot Blonde

6.5% ABV--17 IBU’s

A very refreshing Belgian-style fruit beer. Light bodied with a huge apricot nose, tart in

the middle with a dry apricot finish.

McDaniel’s--Scotch Ale

7% ABV--20 IBU’s

A complex very rich, malty, and slightly sweet ale that’s reminiscent of a desert liqueur, cordial or maybe Crème Brulee. An easy drinking, deep ruby colored beer with toasty tasting notes of dark fruit and caramel with a slight roasty finish. Named after my father and our long, rich, Scottish heritage.

Sereni-TEA-Now--Chai Amber Spiced Ale

5.5% ABV--20 IBU’s

A very aromatic and flavorful spiced beer. A malty backbone in addition to malted oats support the traditional Indian Masala Chai Spices of Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Star Anise, and Black Peppercorns all blended together in a harmonious balance. Milk sugar adds body and residual

sweetness in the finish. 

Made for my Sweetie’s Birthday--Happy Birthday Lynn! 

We LOVE You!!

I’ll Be Bock--Bock Lager

6.5% ABV--21 IBU’s

A dark, fairly strong, malty, and slightly sweet Lager. A clean and easy drinking, dark

copper colored beer with toasty Munich, Vienna, and caramel malt notes with a slight

roasty finish.

Lucky Charm--Dry Irish Stout

4.5% ABV--33 IBU’s

A remarkably smooth, medium-bodied, dark, warm, roasty, and slightly bitter dry Irish Stout. You’ll notice

subtle aromas and flavors of coffee and bittersweet chocolate. This is our traditional St. Patrick’s Day

beer made especially for the Irish in you. No Lucky Charm cereal was harmed in the making of this beer.

Love Shack--Cherry Chocolate Porter

6.5% ABV--31 IBU’s

A medium to full bodied, very smooth and well balanced ruby robust Porter...You’ll get fruit and roastiness on the nose, a little sour tartness at the first sip with a maltiness that lingers into the chocolaty finish with a cherry on top.

Burning Embers--Smoked Porter

6.5% ABV--27 IBU’s

A medium to full bodied porter. Apple-wood smoked malt was used to create this unique beer. You’ll get

smoked malt on the nose that’s reminiscent of Sunday Ham Dinner at Grandma’s!! Smooth going down with

hints of apple-wood smoked bacon...An ode to Hunter’s love of campfires...Happy Birthday!!


6.5% ABV--60 IBU’s

Copperhead IPA is a light to medium bodied and balanced American pale ale that’s moderately strong, hoppy and bitter but incredibly smooth. Aromas and flavors include citrus, melon, and tropical fruit. North American 2-row malt provides this IPA’s base, which allows the hops to really shine through.